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Our Testimonials

Results are made in the gym and the KITCHEN! I never have to worry about eating healthy because I get amazing and delicious food delivered to my door every morning. I have seen amazing results in a short amount of time with Sunfare.
I recommend it to all my clients. Not only does it take out the guess work, but also I love that I don't have to spend hours meal prepping every week-- and I don't get bored with my cooking!

Beth Bishop, Sunfare Client

40 lbs. down* - first time I’ve seen abs in over 2 years, thanks to Sunfare.
Also, my wife was struggling to lose her baby weight, but after 6 weeks on Sunfare she got back to the same weight she was when she was 21.

Tony Jeffries, Sunfare Client

I just wanted to check in and let you know how much I am LOVING Sunfare so far. It's been terrific! The convenience is amazing and I feel better already - I have only dropped a pound or two* so far but I definitely feel trimmer and healthier, and my clothes are fitting better. I am finding the food to be excellent quality and surprisingly filling - in fact, I have never found it so easy to stick to a portion controlled program. It doesn't even feel like a diet. I can't wait to see the results after 4 weeks!

Thea Andrews, Sunfare Client

Thank you so much for my service, it has been such a big help to me and I feel the food I am eating from Sunfare has really helped boost my immune system as I haven't had any symptoms of my Auto Immune disease for quite some time.

Todd Norman, Sunfare Client

Sunfare has been a game changer for me! It allows me to eat healthy and regularly. It really is a life changer, expecially for someone who is on the go.

Kevin Frazier, Sunfare Client

SUNFARE has been a real big help for the "Mom" of the household, who is 100% laid up from major surgery. SUNFARE is convenient, time-saving and healthy eating! THANK YOU!

Sonny Warner, Sunfare Client

I just wanted to say thank you for making all my Sunfare changes so easily. Both the food and your customer service are excellent in every way, and I just wanted to express how happy I am with your company. Wishing you all the best!

Jeff R., Sunfare Client

I have completed the 5 day cleanse on multiple occations but would have never expected the results I achieved on the 10 day. I was a bit reluctant but the results were incredible. I lost 20 lbs.*, slept better and most rewarding was the dramatic increase in my energy level throughout the day. Thank you Sunfare for a great food plan for personal and business success.

Jason Hersh, Sunfare Client

After researching just about every meal plan on the market, I chose Sunfare because it seemed like the best option for me - not only were the meals fresh (they're delivered to your front door every morning!), but the plan was affordable too. After a few emails back and forth, my counselor, Natalie, and I decided that their Signature plan would be my best bet. The diet uses a "30/40/30" principle, meaning that for every meal and snack you eat, 30% of it will be lean protein, 40% will be whole wheat or low glycemic carbohydrate, and 30% will be heart healhty, monounsaturated fats. Every day, the menu is different, and if you're not feeling what's on your plan for the day, there are hundreds of other options to choose from. The best part? Their dislike option eliminates all the things (garnish, veggies, sauces...whatever!) you don't want near your food. Within days, my energy levels were up, my skin had a beautiful glow, and I felt better than ever, physically and mentally. For someone who has eyes bigger than her belly, having perfectly portioned out meals was ideal...and let's be honest - there's nothing easier than having three meals and two snacks delivered to your front door before you even roll out of bed. Overall, the plan worked wonders - I lost 12 lbs.*, developed better eating habits, and learned the meaning of portion control.

Staci Adams, Sunfare Client

I did want to thank you personally for your gracious and timely response to each and every one of my concerns over my extended time with Sunfare. The professionalism and attention to customer service at Sunfare exceeds all expectations based upon other experiences, by far! So, please accept my sincere thanks! I know as a solo hand surgeon the tremendous challenge in not only providing quality, but having each and every member of my team engaged in both the communication and execution of that goal. Sunfare accomplished that with me, not for weeks, but for years.

Beth Purdy, Sunfare Client

Whether you are preparing for surgery, are in the midst of a post op recovery, or looking to improve your diet, I would definitely recommend looking into the Sunfare program. The Sunfare program is a meal delivery service that provides 3 full meals, 2 snacks and salad right to your doorstep each morning. They use local, organic, and fresh ingredients and can cater to any dietary needs. When you set up the service you have to provide your coach with your height, weight, goal weight, daily exercise routine, and activity level. They then create a diet specific to your needs. They have gluten free, vegan, and paleo options. I have told several of my patients about it and a few have now tried the program with success. They love the ease and nutrition. It is also a great gift to someone who may be on their own during recovery. It ensures proper nutrition without the stress of cooking, which can be tough for patients especially after survery.

Natalie Bricker, Sunfare Client

Sunfare has been a lifesaver for me. I have had to change my diet completely for health reasons. No more sugar or junk food, white bread or desserts! I have been three weeks junk free. Sunfare has been the saving grace in my life. The food is exceptional; the dinners allow me to pick the healthiest options for me. The salads are amazing. I am sitting here eating a salad with chicken, grilled veggies, and amazing dressing. So happy that you are here.

Sherry Scofield, Sunfare Client

Since April 15, Sunfare's delicious meals have helped me lose 30 pounds.* I realize I've had Sunfare deliver my meals for years, but I decided to stop supplementing the menu with cookies and cakes and candies...what a difference a true "diet and exercise" plan makes! From a plus-size to a size 8 in six-and-a-half months! Thanks for the great food!

Heidi Robinson, Sunfare Client

Sunfare is a game changer. I love having pre-portioned, fresh, healthy and flavorful meals delivered to my door. It makes keeping in shape and cutting weight* easier than ever.

Mark Munoz, Sunfare Client

My office ordered my husband and me two weeks of Sunfare dinners when I was recently diagnosed with a not-so-awesome illness that kicked my butt. We were so thrilled because I'm the cook in the family and love being in the kitchen and making yummy, creative meals for my amazing husband. When the Sunfare service started just over a week ago, we were completely blown away by two things – first, the whole process is unbelievably amazing and my husband loved getting everything set and following the directions each night. That dang tote bag could not be cuter! Secondly, the food is d**n good! As someone who loves fresh, flavorful, well-prepared and balanced meals, I am in heaven. You have no idea how important Sunfare was and continues to be for our family during this process of recovery, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my very full stomach and heart. Please give my warm regards to your whole team and thank you for helping me set up my husband for his next Sunfare treat.

Carol Klimas, Sunfare Client

I just wanted to take a little time to write you and thank you for all you have done to change my life. I am coming up on close to a year after reaching the goal that I set to get to with Sunfare when we started a couple of years ago. In that year I have kept the weight off and Sunfare and the things that you helped me out with in respect to the food I eat have really helped change my lifestyle. I have held steady at the same weight, but I have done more physically, such as half marathons and getting faster in running, getting stronger, and getting closer to achieving things I never thought I could before. This last year has only been the tip of the spear and I will continue to do great things, but a lot of it was because of the foundation that you helped me lay with the time that I was using Sunfare. I know now what to eat, and what not to eat. I still enjoy things from time to time, but I no longer crave the things I did years ago. Instead those types of bad foods no longer even have that kind of appeal to me anymore and I no longer even crave those things that I used to. I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate what you helped me with.

CJ Boyle, Sunfare Client

I just wanted to let you know how pleased my family and I were with your company. Every single person I dealt with was extremely professional and helpful, and the food was delicious, fresh and plentiful. We had signed up to receive the family meal after I ended up in the hospital and had to have unexpected surgery, and the three weeks of dinners served their purpose perfectly while I recovered. I am a chef myself and enjoy cooking for my family, but will definitely recommend you to friends and family. However, you haven't gotten rid of me completely, my daughter is giving your Select Diet a try for at least the next month and she is due to receive her first delivery tomorrow. Thank you for a great service.

Nevine Melikian, Sunfare Client

I'm laughing as I write this because as we were eating the slow cooked pot roast the other day, my wife said 'this is this the best thing that ever happened to us.' We are both working professionals and now have a 6 month old so our lives are drastically different. This makes our evenings (at least 2 a week) easier to manage. Love the food and service thus far!

Eric Fiore, Sunfare Client

I am so happy that I was introduced to Sunfare in LA . It’s exactly what you need at the end of a tiring day especially if you are sick and tired of ordering in and do not possess great culinary skills either. Sunfare meals that are prepared with a lot of care and consideration for your individual needs. I tried out the Gluten Free diet and they are great with their portions and variety. The best part is that you can customize your needs with Sunfare's amazing counselors even within these specific diets. Great work Sunfare!!

Freida Pinto, Sunfare Client

I can't tell you how much the Sunfare program helped me. At a time when the last thing I wanted to think about was food, I actually looked forward to my well thought out meals. I never had any worries that I was getting proper nutrition, and have felt SO good after my meals. (For me, that alone has been a miraculous change.) It will certainly change my eating habits and cooking habits for the better. My compliments to the Chef, whose food was delicious (particularly the lamb!), and many thanks to you and your team! The Sunfare Program has been very successful for me.

Lisa Hachadoorian, Sunfare Client

I am down about 45 lbs.* from mid November - did all the right things this time, and the Cleanse right in the middle of it really gave me a big boost. The GF (Gluten Free) meals are awesome, there are almost no dishes I don’t like, real clean stuff!

Joe Ryan, Sunfare Client

Just wanted to let you know how fabulous our Christmas dinner from Sunfare was!!!!!! Seriously could not have been better. Everything was prepared perfectly and all was delicious and presented beautifully! We had guests in from La Jolla, Calif and Washington D.C......all wishing they had Sunfare in their towns. Thank you to your fabulous team for all the hard work and attention to details!!! Really do not know what we would do without you..... Thank you again and Happy New Year!

Stephanie Brown, Sunfare Client

I had become fat and knew that I had to get back in shape. Working out the right way was crucial, but what I put into my body was going to be just as important. That was the hard part. I didn't mind working out hard, but giving up eating and enjoying what I was eating was something I knew I was going to have a hard time controlling. That's why I chose Sunfare. They took all the guess work out of my eating and made the word "Diet" something that was good. Eating the right foods prepared by Sunfare made losing over 40 lbs* easy. The food was delicious and the fruits were always sweet and fresh. Thank you Sunfare, I am a fan for life.

"Big" John McCarthy, Sunfare Client

Over the past year, Sunfare has made it possible for me to lose and keep off (so far) 42 lbs.*! I don't think I could have done it otherwise. The food is truly so delicious that the few extra dollars each month over the cheaper programs are worth it. Women pay so much money to lose weight; if they just started on Sunfare, didn't eat junk food but actually only ate Sunfare food, the weight would be off in a reasonable amount of time as you steadily keep losing 4 - 5 lbs. per month. If they have 20 lbs. to lose, it is guaranteed (almost) to be gone in 4 great months of splendor: food delivered to your door 6 of 7 days every week, plus little grocery shopping AND NO COOKING! Sunfare is a very pleasant way to do this job - it is what I say to everyone who asks how I did it. Keep up the good work!

Conni, Sunfare Client

Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed ALL the benefits of your great food and service. I have lost 14 lbs* and feel and look SO much better than I did 2 months ago. I am back to exercising and my old clothes finally fit me again. Your food has been delicious and the new features of your web site are terrific and convenient.I have recommended your company to MANY people without hesitation!

Alison LaPlaca, Sunfare Client

I have been using a food delivery service in the L.A. area called Sunfare []. They deliver the next day's food to your porch every evening around 3 a.m. The food is very fresh, healthy and you don't have to think about it. You don't have to buy it, prepare it or put any thought into it. I bring my feedbag with me to work, anywhere I go. Actually, a lot of people at CBS are doing it, as well. As women age, they hit a time when they magically put on weight. That's just nature. Without changing my diet at all, I suddenly found myself carrying a lot of extra weight. I'm not allowed to do any exercise right now, so my food was the only thing that I could alter. The weight has come off* effortlessly and I'm very happy with the program.

Melody Thomas Scott, Sunfare Client

My mom and I share this food and she's so funny when she eats something - she's always so surprised at how amazingly delicious the food is EVERY TIME and I'm like, 'Mom why are you surprised you've had their food many times and it's never been bad.' So just know anything from Sunfare is going to be amazing :) This is the greatest and we just love it love it love it!

Jen Larsen, Sunfare Client

I have been a Sunfare client since August, 2000. For someone who doesn't cook Sunfare sounded ideal for me; it has been, and so much more. I easily lost weight* and whenever I stray from my program they are always there to support me. Yes, the food is amazing, but there is more to Sunfare than that – when you become a client you are in contact with people who care about you and the goals you want to achieve. The best food and the best people – it will change your life!

Shawna Kirkeby, Sunfare Client

I am glad to be on Sunfare. I lost 7 lbs* last month! I love the Sunfare food, it is way better than your competition. Total loss on Sunfare: 14 lbs. in just 3 months. Thanks for all your help!

Conni, Sunfare Client

I have tried other 'food delivery' options though the years and Sunfare is a satisfying, delicious, filling, diverse, creative, and healthy program. From the perfect preparation, to the innovative recipes, to the discreet and on point delivery, to the satisfying taste -- its hard to believe its not coming from a 5-star restaurant. I have been loving it for a month now. I am especially fond of the web site dedicated to providing us with every little like and dislike we have. Unbelievable. What a treat to find a delivery program that is so open to customizing every single meal and ingredient. Thanks so so much and congratulations on a company that is thriving!

Kathy Najimy, Sunfare Client

Sunfare's selection of foods is amazing - I'd recommend the Turkey Meatballs to anyone! I love their service - if you want food delivery, they're the best at what they do!

Sadie K., Sunfare Client

We are really enjoying your food! It's delicious and convenient and the variety is wonderful! Thanks!

Laura Buchanan, Sunfare Client

I started Sunfare meal delivery and am loving it!

Kim Kardashian, Sunfare Client (tweeted on September 1st, 2010)

I just want you to know how much I LOVE your service! I am spreading the hopefully there will be more people in the West Valley using this awesome service! It has improved my quality of life tremendously! I am a single mother of 2 and I am a nurse with long hours and I am just amazed by how much we love the meals and the service! Thank you!

Pamela F., Sunfare Client

I've lost 27 lbs*! Only 23 to go! I love Sunfare! The best decision I've ever made.

Brett A., Sunfare Client

The biggest transition for me so far is having to change my diet. I've always been able to eat everything and because of my fast metabolism I was able to eat as much fast food as I wanted. I recently started a training regimen with a new diet supplied by Sunfare. Basically, they deliver food for me each day, which consists of three meals and three snacks in a freezer type bag. When I am not home, I carry this bag around with me. Of course, people stop and ask me about it. When I tell them what it is, they want to try the food and of course that leaves me without enough "healthy" for me. It has been tough driving by fast food restaurants; I give the puppy dog look thinking how great it would taste as I pass by them. Then I get home to steam my vegetables. It has been a change and a hard transition but this is a great regimen, and I do feel great.

Mark Sanchez, Sunfare Client

Sunfare provides fresh, customized and nutritious foods on a daily basis that taste good! Their dedication to customer service has allowed our athletes at Athletes' Performance-Los Angeles to meet their demanding fueling needs with the appropriate amounts of calories, carbohydrate, fat and protein. We have had great success combining Sunfare's food service with our world-class training program to help athletes of all levels meet their performance and body composition goals.

Megan Mangano, RD, Athletes' Performance-Los Angeles, Sunfare Client

We LOVE Sunfare! My family is so happy every day the food is delivered, it's like a special treat! The ease of not cooking and still having a warm, delicious, well-balanced meal at home is fantastic.

Hilary Robertson, Sunfare Client

I received a month of Sunfare as a birthday gift. When my delivery arrives, it's like every day is my birthday! I love the convenience, the food is yummy and I truly feel healthier. You can't beat the food choices or how easy the menu selection works. The Waldorf Salad has been my absolute favorite meal!

Dee N., Sunfare Client

I have enjoyed so many benefits with Sunfare. I am as healthy as I've ever been, and since starting Sunfare, I have lost weight*, feel better, sleep better and have more energy and vitality. People are telling me all the time that I look great, and my trips to the tailor to take in my suits are money I don't mind spending. I love the convenience of the service, that the meals are portion-controlled, there is no wasted food, and the program has helped me in making better choices when I do dine out. I have come to feel that Sunfare is my home-cooking, and I always look forward to returning to their meals after weeks of travel. Sunfare's service is excellent and dependable, and their staff always friendly, supportive, and helpful. Sunfare has been a blessing in my life, making eating healthyfully easy and a perfect fit into my lifestyle.

Pat Barkley, Sunfare Client

I absolutely love Sunfare. I feel AMAZING. My blood sugar levels have never felt so steady on a 'diet' before. I have already lost 10 pounds*, without ever feeling light headed or shaky. The food is delicious and it is so convenient. I have no complaints!

Jennifer B., Sunfare Client

Over 3 years ago I put my girlfriend, Nancy, on Sunfare. You actually drove to her apartment and talked with her about the plan! Nancy and I are now married, have a beautiful daughter, and we're both back on Sunfare. I recently was 230 lbs. when I started Sunfare about 30 days ago. Today I am 214 lbs. The food has just gotten better. The customer service is amazing. We are very, very happy! Truly, the food is absolutely delicious! Nancy asked me this morning, 'How will we ever get off Sunfare?!' Thanks for helping us look trim and feel great! UPDATE: The news gets better - today I am 211 lbs. and yesterday something amazing happened. I was getting dressed to take my daughter to school. I typically wear suits or jeans. Yesterday I had an informal meeting and wanted to wear slacks. All 3 of the slacks that fit me 6 weeks ago when I started Sunfare were huge and looked ridiculous on me and were falling off! I ended up wearing a pair of slacks from 2 years ago that were always too tight on me. Thank you Sunfare!

Brad S., Sunfare Client

My son just turned one and he hates to eat. He is underweight, and the pediatrician had me trying this and that to get him to eat. He wouldn't even TOUCH junk food! Today was our first Sunfare delivery and HE LOVED IT! He ate so much that he fell asleep in his high chair. I am beyond thrilled. Not only that, but I was shocked at how delicious the cuisine was. I have tried all the other companies and have even hired a personal chef to deliver hand made meals of my choice, and NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING has been as super-delicious-tasty as Sunfare. I am so excited and so thankful to have discovered your company. I will be a yummy client for a LONG time. Thank you sooo much, and keep up the dazzling work.

Crystal Riley, Sunfare Client

I have to add that I have two little humans growing inside my belly! I, by the way, am a total Sunfare success story! I have gained only one pound so far - and I am 6-1/2 months along now. I had extra weight on me from prior to getting pregnant and I am probably going to end up around 15 - 20 lbs. lighter - I am so relieved and so happy with the program. I was VERY concerned about the possibility of gaining a ton more weight and I get so many compliments - it's been a joy that has been a total surprise! Anyway, my doctor is so pleased and I am too! I am so relieved to know, with the babies coming (and that we are remodeling, too), that my husband and my food is totally taken care of. Not to mention, my husband looks SO fabulous! If I had to list the major benefits for us, as a couple, they would be: diet / health, convenience (busy schedules, dual careers), newborns coming (no one has time to cook, great for new parents), remodeling the house (you can still eat at home and be healthy while you tear your house apart), pregnant women can count on it to help them keep things on track, and it saves your sanity / time. Thank you so much!

Katie Michael, Sunfare Client

Sunfare has changed my life (and my husband's too)! The food is amazing and so well prepared. The service is impeccable. It makes us so excited to come home after a long day of work because we know we have Sunfare waiting for us. It is convenient, easy to serve, yummy and totally worth it. My counselor is great and very responsive. I recommend Sunfare to everyone I know. Thank you Sunfare!

Jennifer Lesser, Sunfare Client

Sunfare is amazing, and such a tremendous help - especially now that I have a newborn! I am able to focus on the truly important things, instead of worrying about what to eat.

Poppy Montgomery, Sunfare Client

I wanted to let you know how much John and I are enjoying the food and service. Everything we have had so far has been of the highest quality of freshness and taste. John is running to the front door first thing (even before getting the paper) to pick up the bags. It has truly been a great relief for me not having to think about or plan the dinner when I get home at night. Again, I thank everyone at Sunfare for such a wonderful program.

Lynn Deboer, Sunfare Client

Things are going really, really well! Everyone is very happy with the food and I am thrilled with how easy it all is. My 11 year old daughter is like a kid on Christmas morning unpacking the coolers--she thinks this is the greatest thing ever. I was wondering if it is too late to get meals for this weekend. To tell you the truth the idea of no Sunfare for two days is a little sad...! Thanks again for everything.

Anne Josephson, Sunfare Client

I have been very pleased with the Sunfare program and for the first 3 weeks I have lost 13 lbs.*, my clothes fit better, I feel much healthier and enjoy exercising again. Thanks for all your help!

William M. Badolato, Sunfare Client

I have to tell you how amazing your service has been. Not only has it made my busy life as a mom more manageable, but the food is also healthy and cooked to perfection. I still have yet to see a delivery truck and can not rave enough about your customer support. Early in 2007, a friend with two young boys succumbed to his battle with cancer. I was so grateful for Sunfare, because I was able to deliver my meals to their house while he was receiving in-home hospice treatment. The Sunfare meals allowed his wife and children to spend valuable time with their father and not have to tend to cooking, shopping, etc. It was even brought to my attention by the boys that had there not been Sunfare in their refrigerator, they may have missed many meals. They said they often ate the Sunfare dinners for breakfast and lunch too! Thank you!

Erica Stubner, Sunfare Client

Thanks to a little help from my friends, I am a 60 year old marathon runner with a '6-pack'! A year ago, I looked my age when my personal trainer nagged me into meeting with a registered dietician who introduced me to Sunfare. Sunfare delivered tasty, well-balanced meals 5 days a week that taught me how to eat, and, as if by magic, I lost over 40 pounds* of fat, gained over 10 pounds of muscle and saw my body fat percentage plummet from 40% to 17%. I ran the Los Angeles Marathon this year and am now working on improving my racing times. With Sunfare, nutritious food comes to my door, so that I have not had to change the rest of my very busy life to buy, measure and cook what my body seems to have wanted all along. Thank you for making this possible!

Pauline S., Sunfare Client

I have lost the entire 50 pounds* that I gained with my son. I gave birth October 7th and lost the 50 pounds only 6 months after that! I believe 60% of that is due to Sunfare and 40% is thanks to my personal trainer who I meet with 4 days per week for 1 hour. The food has been tasty and healthy and the staff have been easy to work with and very accommodating. Also, since I don't have time to cook, having the food delivered already prepared and ready to eat is a huge convenience. Thanks Sunfare!

Meredith Hawkins, Sunfare Client

Sunfare has been feeding me breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack, dinner and a late night snack for the last three weeks. I haven't felt hungry at any time, and (here's the best part) I've already dropped more than 10 pounds*! This is better food than I could ever pick out or cook for myself; I'm a Sunfare guy for life!

Carlos Diaz, Sunfare Client

Sunfare has been a godsend! I have yet to see the person who drops off my cooler each night, so when I open my door, it's like magic! I've been overweight for over 10 years, and have gone to Curves for about two years with some success, however, preparing meals and controlling my food portions were my downfall. Sunfare's food is absolutely delicious, better than most restaurants in town, and in about 4 weeks I've lost 10 pounds*, and look forward to the painless 20 more to go! If you are 'thinking' about Sunfare...DO IT!

Charleen Bonney, Sunfare Client

I have enjoyed Sunfare and my counselor is great. My husband, who works long hours and never has enough time to eat, is completely satisfied because Sunfare gives him a balanced, convenient, and tasty plan, which has helped him to lose unwanted pounds*.

Dina Tevas-Ingram, Sunfare Client

I just lost my 50th pound* yesterday! In only 4 months, Sunfare has helped me completely change the way I look and feel. The meals are delicious, healthy and never leave me feeling hungry. Everything is tailored exactly to my likes and dislikes and I get all the variety I need. I look at food so much differently now. I have so much more energy and I love seeing the scale show a lower number every time I get on it. Sunfare is, by far, the best thing I have ever done for myself!

Jade Mischner, Sunfare Client

As my schedule becomes more and more hectic, I rely on Sunfare to keep me healthy. The convenience of the service is amazing - every meal delivered right to my doorstep - and the food is truly delicious. I highly recommend the pork chops and low carb pizza!

Ryan Seacrest, Sunfare Client

Between an extremely busy professional career and parenting a toddler, the last thing I've had time for is focusing on healthy eating...and it shows. But, after just over three months on Sunfare, I've lost 22.2 pounds* and feel confident that the rest will follow. The food is phenomenal and there is not a hint of "diet" about it...I feel better fed and more pampered than I have in years, all while the scale continues to go down and down.

Genie, Sunfare Client

Sunfare really delivers, not only great tasting food to my door, they also provide amazing customer service. As a very finicky eater, I was pleased at how my food counselor worked with me to tailor food to my taste. In 6 months I lost 58 pounds*, learned portion control and was able to kick the sugar habit by having healthy, delicious food prepared for me. Thank you Sunfare!

Mindy Keeling, Sunfare Client

I feel so much better since starting on Sunfare. The meals are fantastic and I've learned more about healthy eating as far as making good choices and how much to eat. I feel so much healthier, sleep better and have more energy than before. So far, I've lost 40 lbs.* and am still dropping!

Joanna M., Sunfare Client

When I see the Sunfare package in the morning it is like a pot of gold at my door. The food is delicious, nutritious, and right at my fingertips. The real boost is the way I feel after eating it. My energy is fantastic! Being pregnant with twins and eating Sunfare puts my mind at ease, knowing that I am feeding all three of us healthy, well balanced meals!

Marcia Cross, Sunfare Client

The way I treat my body off the field makes a huge difference in how I perform on the field. During my off-season workouts, I used Sunfare to fill my nutritional needs. With the right diet, my mind was sharper, my body more efficient, and I was able to reach and exceed my performance goals.

Adrian Wilson, Sunfare Client

Thank you to the Sunfare chefs, team, and my client counselor for making my experience of reaching my target weight goal a DELICIOUS one.

P. Tan, Sunfare Client

My crazy work schedule is not optimal for healthy eating. Sunfare has made a huge difference in my eating habits; providing delicious meals while making it so convenient to eat healthy. Not only is the food exceptional, but the customer service is flawless and the website is extremely user friendly. Every morning, I look forward to seeing what the 'Sunfare Fairy' has brought me!

Jessa Baxter, Sunfare Client

Sunfare is one of the best ways to lose weight* in a healthy and convenient's my GO-TO-DIET. When I have a photo shoot or a film to prepare for, I know I can get there with Sunfare. The food is delivered to my house or the set...and best of all it's healthy and yummy. I can see the results in no time.

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, Sunfare Client

In a word, the program is 'wonderful.' The food is fabulous, with meals like the lamb chops, shrimp, shrimp wrap, breakfast sausage, and salads. The food was always on time and my counselor was very good in her follow-up to see how I was doing. The ability to cater to one's taste buds (removing items not liked) is a terrific feature that you have. I was amazed and pleasantly surprised.

Mark Wollman, Sunfare Client

I just want to say that you all are doing a fantastic job! The food is wonderful, our counselor is amazing, and it is so convenient. We are thrilled. Thank you.

Erin Ahders, Sunfare Client

Sunfare is the perfect program for someone who needs to lose weight or wants to improve their overall health and energy level. In the past four months I lost the fifteen pounds* I gained when I went away to college. I have been trying to lose this weight for the past ten years. Sunfare taught me about portion control and balanced meals while still providing food that is satisfying and very convenient. I would recommend Sunfare to anyone who needs to lose weight, wants to improve their energy level, and cares about the overall health of their body.

Kristina Chatow, Sunfare Client

Sunfare is a daily part of my life. The food is incredible; I’ve been so satisfied that I’ve spoken about them publicly on Entertainment Tonight and The Tonight Show.

Charlie Sheen, Sunfare Client

Oh my goodness; the Blue Cheese Herbed Filet just arrived. It looks so delicious I can't wait for dinner. I am very grateful and continue to be impressed not only by Sunfare's quality meals but also by the high level of customer service.

Pattie Fitzgerald, Sunfare Client

Thank you Sunfare for the wonderful service you provide! After a summer of Sunfare meals I've lost 25 lbs.* Although I had my exercise commitment down, I was often too busy to prepare something healthy to bring to work or eat after work. The meals are absolutely delicious and the salads are so fresh that I would occasionally eat them without the dressing. I highly recommend Sunfare as a perfect way to kick off a new diet and exercise plan.

Renee Tetreault, Sunfare Client

Sunfare has been just great. I knew that eating healthy food was a good thing but I never thought healthy and yummy could go together. Sunfare has made me understand that a healthy diet can be both delicious and healthy.

Dianne Merz, Sunfare Client

Sunfare is saving me so much time. The meals are on our doorstep by 7:00 a.m. when I leave for work and are allowing my family to reconnect everyday at dinnertime, which is priceless. Tuesday's dinner was really good and last night's dinner, the Sicilian Sausage, was fabulous! Thank you so much!

Cindy Walser, Sunfare Client

As a Sunfare client it's hard to choose what aspect of their company has impressed me the most; the consistently fabulous meals, my personalized meal plan, their go-the-extra-mile customer service or my results! My only regret is the time and money wasted on another "Zone Diet" home delivery service before I found Sunfare.

C. Oehme, Sunfare Client

Sunfare is the most convenient lifesaver I've ever had! This is food for the next generation. It will help you stay fit and well nourished.

Randy Jackson, Sunfare Client

I felt the whole set up was done very professionally and with little hassle to me or for any customer. The serving sizes were substantial, and the food choices vast, which is a great thing for all the picky eaters out there. Overall, I think Sunfare is a great concept.

Brian Westberry, Sunfare Client

Sunfare has been awesome. In 4 months I lost 50 pounds*, and it was so easy. The best part was that I did not have to think about preparing my diet. I did not have to worry if my calories were accurate. Best of all, I did not have to cook, shop, and plan my meals. This allowed me to focus on other things, such as exercise. My biggest problem in the past was that I would get hungry and then over eat. With Sunfare, my snacks are all prepared. This helped me from getting hungry, and therefore I stopped overeating. I also have learned so much about appropriate portion size and types of food I should be eating. Thanks Sunfare for everything. You have changed my life!

Kathy Bynum, Sunfare Client

The Sunfare food is delicious, fresh, and convenient. I have lost over 10 pounds* in one month and my husband has lost almost 15. We love our Zone approved meals and we have now made Sunare a fixture in our lives. Thank you Sunfare.

Holly Prabhu, Sunfare Client

Because of the way the meals are prepared and balanced, my blood sugar is stable. I'm toning up and losing fat. I feel a sense of well being. I feel like a million bucks!

Mark Taylor, Sunfare Client

I’ve tried over 15 diet programs in my lifetime; nothing worked until I found Sunfare. In three months I’ve lost 23 pounds*! Not only are the meals delicious, they have taught me what to eat and how to manage portion sizes. Their service makes healthy eating effortless and enjoyable - I would recommend Sunfare to anyone.

Michael Norris, Sunfare Client

I really have nothing but 100% praise for Sunfare. The food quality is excellent, the customer service is A+, the menu choices are limitless, I never have to pre-plan my meals, I feel good and energetic all the time, and the icing on the cake is that on the day of my one month anniversary I lost exactly 15 pounds*! I cannot ever see myself without Sunfare in my life!

Christine, Sunfare Client