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Artisan Meals

Our newest and most exclusive meal program, Artisan Meals offers a full menu of exquisite, chef-crafted, all-natural/organic meals and snacks. Each recipe is prepared with sustainably farmed fruits and vegetables, humanely raised meats, and a host of specialty ingredients not found on our other programs.

The Details

An artisan-style program defined by modern trends in cooking, culinary artistry, and a focus on organic and all-natural ingredients.

  • Chef-curated: traditional "from scratch" preparation (house made dressings and sauces), seasonal menus and small batch/specialty ingredients
  • Contemporary: focuses on using organic, gluten free, and all natural ingredients, is dairy free optional, offers creative meal design (nut cheese, avocado pudding, quinoa and brown rice pastas), provides meal-specific nutritional facts, and is sustainably/humanely oriented (partnering with local and regional suppliers committed to responsible practices (grass fed, free range, not mass produced))
  • Ingredient profile:
    • Proteins: organic, all natural, no hormones, antibiotics, nitrates or GMOs
    • Fish: wild caught and/or sustainably raised
    • Produce: 90% organic, market fresh (comes in daily)
    • Other: heart healthy monounsaturated fats, no refined sugar
  • Portion sizes: fixed for male/female

Sample Dishes:

Meal Plans and Prices

Please select one choice of meal plan below, either the Monthly meal plan or the Weekly meal plan.

Monthly Plans
20-Day Plan Daily Price Total Price
28-Day Plan Daily Price Total Price

Monthly meal plans are prepaid and provided at a discounted rate (in comparison to our a la carte prices). While individual meals on a monthly plan cannot be cancelled, entire days of service may be cancelled and then re-used at a later date.

Weekly PLAN (a la carte)


For weekly a la carte meals, there is a $24.95 per day minimum order. Ordering a la carte offers the most flexibility as you may order any combination of meals and snacks on any day(s) of the week you choose. You may also cancel individual meals and snacks, and will only be billed for what you receive. NOTE that a la carte plans will automatically roll over each week until we are notified of a stop date.