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We prepare and deliver delicious, diet-focused meals to help you lose weight, eat right, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Sunfare Paleo Diet

Pick the meal program that’s right for you;
call us if you have questions!

Sunfare Paleo Diet

Our chefs will make your meals fresh daily,
using the finest ingredients.

Sunfare Paleo Diet

We’ll deliver your meals ready-to-eat,
and tailored to your tastes and needs.

Sunfare Benefits
Sunfare Benefits
Sunfare Benefits
Sunfare Benefits
Sunfare Benefits
Sunfare Benefits

Pick A Program. Get Results.

Whatever your goals, the road to success starts with what, when, and how you eat.

Sunfare Signature Diet

Signature Diet


As our most popular offering, the Signature line of meals is all about customization. It’s a 30/40/30 program, meaning each meal and snack contains 30% protein, 40% carbs, and 30% fat.

Weight Loss
Health Benefits
Picky Eaters
Unlimited Dislikes
Great Variety

Sunfare Signature Diet

Paleo Diet


This popular approach to nutrition mimics the natural diet of our pre-agricultural ancestors, and favors lean meats, fresh fruits and veggies, seeds, nuts, and healthy oils.

Weight Loss
A True Paleo Menu
Fitness Enthusiasts
On Demand Eating
Lower Price Point

Sunfare Family Meals

Family Dinners


Family-oriented meals that focus on dinner, but branch out to include appetizers, sides, grill your own items, a full suite of kids meals, and more. Easier than a meal kit, with less clean up!

Busy Lifestyles
Adding “Extras”
Great Customization
Standing Orders

Sunfare - Better Than Groceries

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Customer Testimonials

Both the food and your customer service are excellent in every way, and I just wanted to express how happy I am with your company. Wishing you all the best!


Sunfare's delicious meals have helped me lose 30 pounds - From a plus-size to a size 8 in six-and-a-half months! Thanks for the great food!

Heidi R.

I am down about 45 lbs. - did all the right things this time, and the Cleanse right in the middle of it really gave me a big boost. The meals are awesome, there are almost no dishes I don’t like, real clean stuff!

Joe R.

I just lost my 50th pound* yesterday! In only 4 months, Sunfare has helped me completely change the way I look and feel. The meals are delicious, healthy and never leave me feeling hungry. Everything is tailored exactly to my likes and dislikes and I get all the variety I need. I look at food so much differently now. I have so much more energy and I love seeing the scale show a lower number every time I get on it. Sunfare is, by far, the best thing I have ever done for myself!

Jade M.

Sunfare has changed my life (and my husband's too)! The food is amazing and so well prepared. The service is impeccable. It makes us so excited to come home after a long day of work because we know we have Sunfare waiting for us. It is convenient, easy to serve, yummy and totally worth it. My counselor is great and very responsive. I recommend Sunfare to everyone I know. Thank you Sunfare!

Jennifer L.

I absolutely love Sunfare. I feel AMAZING. My blood sugar levels have never felt so steady on a 'diet' before. I have already lost 10 pounds*, without ever feeling light headed or shaky. The food is delicious and it is so convenient. I have no complaints!

Jennifer B..
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